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Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm OK

Lori made me do it, but all of us who are enjoying the relative serenity in our lives to do so are doing it. Our blog look back at the road we've travelled recently, or perhaps at the whole year's worth.
That photo says it, right there. My attitude at the moment for all the dissapointments and misfortunes I've seen. And it's set to the song, from Styx, 'I'm OK'. Screw it, I'm moving on! To everyone and everything that's been in my way, a great big rasberry to it all.
Lori also reminded me of the real reason I started this entry. To all of you who've shared of yourselves here, bless you! I am richer for it, we all have enjoyed the benefit of each other's experience and counsel. And, Lori again (bless you girl), I agree. Pouring out my story has been cathartic for me, but my real hope in being here has been that someone else, in any small way, could find help, solace, anything at all that helped them 'keep moving on'.
We've all been travelling a similar road, each of us at a different point on the way. For those who are at the rockiest points, please stick with us. We were there too, so we can say; if you just 'keep moving on', you'll have to pass beyond those rocky ways eventually, and you'll find yourself kicking stones out of your way, walking a smoother path.
Love, hope, and serenity to you all. When that person you've been searching for is suddenly peering back at you, in any small way, you might even be startled to find she's just who you thought she was. Just sing with me......Iiiiiiiiii'm Okaaaay!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Please see this movie!

I have to ask everyone with the least interest in anything transgendered, to see this movie, Beautiful Boxer. This is by far the best movie with a transgender subject line I have ever seen.
It's the story of a Muay-Thai kickboxer, Nong-Toom, who makes her transition while still competing in kickboxing. It's a foreign movie with subtitles, but it's one of those that will make you forget you are reading subtitles.
There is one error in the movie caused by the Thai-English subtitle translation; she is referred to as being a transvestite, though she is transexual.
Most MTF TS's have a similar story, but her story so closely parallels mine! I strongly identify with her experience, with the chief parallel having been my military service. Her realization of self and childhood experiences are very similar to mine. Even outside of the transgender subject matter, it is a fabulous movie. MUST SEE!

She's baaaaack!

Good heavens, time does fly!
It's been an exciting year, I must say. Notable events since my last blog entry included attending the 2007 Fetish and Fantasy Ball in Las Vegas, NV. I also traveled to the Pacific Northwest to visit family, we had a mini-reunion there. My roommate Stacey has moved out and found her own place, and I've been found by a very special man who is becomming a major part of my life.
I'll fill in on these events in seperate entries, but there is a picture of me and my friend Edie at the '07 Ball. Can you guess what our characters were?