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Monday, November 27, 2006

Kindness of strangers

The time does fly......
Nearly 1 month on spiro is past, I'm only on 100mg/day right now, taking it slow. No bad side effects. I am seeing fewer spontaneous erections, and I feel calmer most of the time. Nothing else noticeable yet, we will see about upping the doseage next month. I will start the estrogen after this week too, 2mg/day for the first week, then 4mg/day afterwards. I will have follow-up labs in January.
My son was here for Thanksgiving, I picked him up Wednesday in Glamis as usual. Had some misadventure on the way with the '83 Suburban I just bought. I had checked the water before leaving, but left the radiator cap sitting on the the fender! It didn't get hot for over 100 miles, just before I hit Palo Verde, but I pulled over as soon as it did. One of the farmers there stopped and went to get water for me and brought it back! There are still nice people in this world. Luckily the cap was still sitting on the fender, so after refilling it, I was back on my way, everything was fine. We went motorcycle riding all day Saturday, my usual freinds were present, plus the President of our PFLAG chapter and her son. Stacey came out later in the day too after she got off of work, we had a great time.
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Fetish and Fantasy

Wow, I'm sure getting the BLT down, aren't I?
What a month! First and foremost, I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor! As promised, she has agreed to help me with HRT I left her office with the script for estrogen and spiro, and I finally filled them yesterday. After dreaming so long about this, it was scary to finally be realizing it. Filling the prescription was no problem, and it was accepted by the insurance, whew!
I called my freinds in town to let them know, and I'm trying to set up a puberty party with them this weekend, lol! It really will be like entering puberty again, lucky me, huh? I feel for Stacey, it's gonna get challenging here putting up with the possible/probable mood swings. I'm going slowly with the dosages though, hopefully it won't be too bad.
As if that wasn't exciting enough, we had the PFLAG meeting the following evening. It was very nice, there were many interesting people there. Kim, the president, is a very dynamic person. Stacey and I both became members and it looks like I'll be going to Phoenix to attend classes so I can be a facilitator for the meetings. I was an instructor for many years during my time in the USN, so I'm used to talking in front of others. I look forward to helping the group out as much as I can.
And of course, there was the Halloween party! Stacey and I left Sat morning for Vegas to meet Edie (Eden), my TG freind from San Diego. We had a great room at the Stardust, this is also where the Halloween ball was held. We learned while we were there that the Stardust is closing, they are going to demolish it and build a new casino/hotel! We were among the last guests staying there, as of yesterday it is closed!
The ball was incredible! Stacey went as the Queen of Hearts, leading little Alice around on her leash! Edie was Goldilocks, she was very cute! We had lots of attention all night long! The entertainment was amazing, the costumes kept our heads turning all night trying to take it all in. The Travel Channel listed this as one of the top 10 events in the world to attend, they were not kidding! I heartily recommend anyone who is interested to attend next years event, you will not be dissapointed. You can look at their website for details, http://www.halloweenball.com/.
OK, that's all for now. What can I do with a pair of white patent leather go-go boots?............