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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

He found me!

The picture is the sunset from atop Friendly Isle, a very small island in Lake Havasu. There are more great pics from that day, but that one is possibly the most scenic; I'm a sucker for sunrise/sunset pics, anyhow! I always try to appreciate them when I have the time to watch, I think of them as a gentle reminder that for every end, there is always a fresh start around the corner.
I'm a bit of a movie nut, so I sometimes tend to frame a lot of references around my favorite movies. The day I took these pictures, I was reminded of the movie, 'What Dreams May Come'. For those who have not seen it, amongst other things, the movie speaks about the eternity of our souls, and the immutable bond that soulmates have to each other.
My soulmate has found me, his name (in this life, anyhow!) is Steve. Late last month, he proposed to me, and sealed it with an engagement ring earlier this month! Yes, I accepted!!
We are both Aquarians, and love the water. We've been looking for a place on the lake where we can hold our ceremony; Friendly Isle, where the picture was taken, is now our first pick! It's accesible only by boat, so the marriage party is going to be necessarily limited, but we are planning to return to and hold a reception at a beach (Rotary Park) back in Lake Havasu City.
We had been hoping to do this perhaps this fall, but given the level of preparation required to pull this off, it looks as though it may be next spring before we can do this with good weather. I'll post more info as we figure it all out, but anybody who knows me is of course invited! Attendees outside the marriage party can certainly come to the island for the ceremony, but you will have to find your own boat ride there! Given the people each of us knows in the area, there may be some opportunities for this; I hope to have a count of people with a boat who do plan to attend that can spare a seat. At any rate, the reception will have plenty of room for anyone who wants to attend.
That's the story thus far, keep an eye out here for a date! Thanks in advance for all your well wishes!

Friday, May 23, 2008

And then he left me!

That's right, no wedding, engagement called off.
The whole relationship was built over a lie.
I forgave him the lie, but he couldn't get over the guilt, so he left. Great solution, huh?
I'm beginning to understand why so many of us are trans-lesbian! Men suck. It gets clearer every day (and I'm happier for it) that I never was one. What don't guys understand about total honesty?
My heart is crushed, but my spirit says, "Fuck it". I guess I'm getting used to people walking out on me.
On a good note, I got the job to uninstall/transfer/install the check-out lane media kiosk equipment from our local WalMart to it's new location at our soon-to-open Super Wallyworld. Good stuff$$
It's pouring rain here in the desert.
Have a great weekend everyone, I see a marathon gaming session in my plans!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

By popular demand!

OK, maybe it wasn't a huge demand.....OK, it was just Mari that asked! Well, she's very popular as far as I'm concerned, she's been on Lori TV for cryin' out loud, lol!
With all due props to Emma Ross (please see her page at TransSpace, link above), the writer of this little ditty, I present to you The Tranny Girl Song! Remember this must be sung with the typical Monty Python lilt as in The Lumberjack Song!
The Tranny Girl Song
I'm a tranny girl, and I'm okay. I club all night. I shop all day. Admirers : She's a tranny girl, and she's okay. She clubs all night and she shops all day. I shave my legs. I eat my lunch. I go to the lavatory. On Wednesdays I go shoppin' And have beans and hash for tea. Admirers : She shaves her legs. She eats her lunch. She goes to the lavatory. On Wednesdays she goes shopping And has beans and hash for tea. Chorus : She's a tranny girl, and she's okay. She clubs all night and she shops all day. I shave my legs. I stride and stomp. I like to hunt wild foods. I put on denim trousers And hang around in woods. Admirers : She shaves her legs. She strides and stomps. She likes to hunt wild foods. She puts on denim trousers And hangs around in woods?! Chorus : She's a tranny girl, and she's okay. She clubs all night and she shops all day. I shave my legs. I wear steel boots, A tool belt, and hard hat. I wish I'd been a woodsman, Just like my dear Mama. Admirers : She shaves her legs. She wears steel boots, A tool belt, and hard hat?! Chorus : She's a tranny girl, and she's okay. She clubs all night and she shops all day. Yes, she's a tranny girl, and she's ok-a-y. She clubs all night and she shops all day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And now for something completely different.....

After seeing a post where the Monty Python Lumberjack song was altered into a decidedly more trans-related bent, I think I have a case of the sillies again ;)
So by way of explanation, my daily blast will now contain the more ridiculous of subject lines taken from my daily ration of spam emails. Just checking if you're all paying attention, lol. Enjoy!