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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


BLT=1 month!
OK, just a quick one, busy,busy!
My son did make it here for Labor Day, we had a great time. I met his mother in Glamis to pick him up. We played games, watched movies, and put together/launched model rockets.
He and Stacey got along great, the dogs loved him too.
I took Zachary all the way back to San Diego, as I had to get a new military retiree ID card. After dropping Zachary off at home, I spent the remainder of the day with Eden in Encinitas. She graciously allowed me to stay over the night, since the ID place was closed for the weekend. We went to a wonderful Italian restaurant for dinner, then a visit to the beach, and breakfast the next morning. We had wonderful conversation, she is a very kind person. I and Stacey look forward to seeing her in Las Vegas.
It's finally cooling off here in the desert, we only hit 100 last Saturday! Motorcycle riding weather is back. Better up the health insurance, lol!