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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Call me Ms. Dolittle

Some time ago when returning from Glamis, CA after dropping my son off with his mother (Glamis is our prescribed meeting place, being midway between San Diego and Lake Havasu City), I came across my Bull snake, Carly. She was stretched across the road, sunning herself as I passed. I thought I had run her over, but I went back to look anyhow. She was fine, and I had a sturdy bag from my car cover in the trunk to take her home with. Some of you may recall my saying she was a Corn snake, but I have recently found out that was incorrect. The only thing of note that makes different, is that her maximum length she may reach has now been revised up nearly another 2 feet from her current 67" length!
Well, here's a new chapter in my story of animal magnetism! This adorable bird, an African Gray parrot, came into my yard this week, all on it's own. Obviously either abandoned or lost/escaped, he is tame as can be. I carefully put my hand to him where he was perched, he climbed right on my hand and basically has not left my side all week!
The poor guy had to stay in a box overnight, but I found a nice new cage the following day for only $40. It's actually a rodent cage, but suits him just fine. I wasn't about to shell out $200+ bucks for a cage when somebody might come for him!
Of course, I reported it to the local animal shelter; but at this point I really hope nobody comes for him! He's apparently very young, and has only started to vocalize, though he doesn't say any words yet. After myself, my roommate and her daughter brainstormed a bit, we've mostly settled on Gandalf as a name :) How do I know it's a boy? The same way I knew Carly was a girl, women's intuition, lol! It's possible to sex them, but who cares? Sort of fitting that I might have gender confused animals for pets, eh?
This all reminds me of my father, who we lost in 1998 to cancer. He was a bird fancier and always had one or 2 cockatiels or other birds about. I'd never thought about keeping one myself, their exhorbitant price tags usually made me pass them by in the pet store. Can't beat this price, so what the hey, and they say pets make you live longer!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Columbia Rides Again!

In what has turned into an annual event for me, I made it once again to the Las Vegas Halloween Fetish and Fantasy Ball this year I've been going since the 2006 event, and have had a fabulous time every year.
I nearly did not go. Financial constraints (like the rest of us), not being able to get a new costume, as well as a case of the funks brought on by my boyfriends family (long story), all had me questioning the wisdom of going. Thankfully, Mari (she's the gorgeous Pixie on the left), and my friend Eden who was also coming from San Diego helped convince me to go. Columbia (from Rocky Horror Picture Show) was pressed back into service as my costume again this year .
It was a great decision! In my typical fashion, a planned 10AM departure time ended up stretching to almost 4PM But this still left plenty of time to visit and go out for dinner with Mari, and get ready for the Ball which started at 10PM.
This year's event was held at the Las Vegas Sport Center, one of their long-time locations. They have really outgrown this location, and they have tried other venues in recent years. But with last year's venue having been a minor disaster they wisely went back to what works this year. The 2006 event was the most successfully I've seen, but that was held at the now demolished Stardust hotel/casino.
Still, it was a great time!! Mari's friend Jenna (the babealicious angel on the right) joined us all the way from Maine! We spent the first part of the event getting drinks (long lines) and watching the shows going on, as well as the circus of people around us. See the website for the event, http://www.halloweenball.com/ for more info about the acts that showed up this year, as well as pics from prior years events (I'm in the 2007 pics ). Within a few weeks, they should post pictures of this year's event.
After tiring of walking around in sexy but less than comfortable heels, we all found a tiered podium where we could sit and watch the parade go by. It turned into a great spot, with the three of us drawing a constant crowd taking pictures with us! I'm certain the event photographers caught us all at least once, so we'll no doubt be in the 2008 pics on their web page.
We eventually ended up back on the main event floor, being just in time to catch some of the wickedest acts there, including Rubber Doll and FAQ, Chain Goddess, Perish and Mycol Fire. The Time Warp Players did a fair rendition of 'The Time Warp', but they were conspicuously missing Riff-Raff, Columbia, and Magenta! I would have liked to do my best to represent Columbia, but I got a little , BACAAWK!
We finally ended up closing the show after 4AM, and went to a Denny's for some breakfast. Only in Las Vegas could we all have shown up at Denny's in full regalia, and nobody batted an eye!! I was actually a little chagrined at this, my inner ham was tempted to burst into a 'Time Warp' routine right there to make up for my earlier timidness! I'm sure Mari and Jenna will thank me for my restraint later .
So there you have it! If any of you would like to attend next year's event, start making plans NOW! Watch the web page for announcement of the location and get reservations if it's held at a hotel/casino. This is way more convenient than driving in costume to the event. Tickets typically go on sale immediately after they announce their location, and will be much cheaper than their at-the-door or last minute prices. Get your costume idea and go for it! With a little creativity, you can make your own as I did (expensive, but it looks fabulous!), or apply some polish and pizazz to a packaged costume. I'm sure to go again, all things willing; I'd enjoy meeting you there!
I don't know if this link will work, but the event photographers are posting pics at their web site, we are in there: