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Monday, November 27, 2006

Kindness of strangers

The time does fly......
Nearly 1 month on spiro is past, I'm only on 100mg/day right now, taking it slow. No bad side effects. I am seeing fewer spontaneous erections, and I feel calmer most of the time. Nothing else noticeable yet, we will see about upping the doseage next month. I will start the estrogen after this week too, 2mg/day for the first week, then 4mg/day afterwards. I will have follow-up labs in January.
My son was here for Thanksgiving, I picked him up Wednesday in Glamis as usual. Had some misadventure on the way with the '83 Suburban I just bought. I had checked the water before leaving, but left the radiator cap sitting on the the fender! It didn't get hot for over 100 miles, just before I hit Palo Verde, but I pulled over as soon as it did. One of the farmers there stopped and went to get water for me and brought it back! There are still nice people in this world. Luckily the cap was still sitting on the fender, so after refilling it, I was back on my way, everything was fine. We went motorcycle riding all day Saturday, my usual freinds were present, plus the President of our PFLAG chapter and her son. Stacey came out later in the day too after she got off of work, we had a great time.
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Fetish and Fantasy

Wow, I'm sure getting the BLT down, aren't I?
What a month! First and foremost, I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor! As promised, she has agreed to help me with HRT I left her office with the script for estrogen and spiro, and I finally filled them yesterday. After dreaming so long about this, it was scary to finally be realizing it. Filling the prescription was no problem, and it was accepted by the insurance, whew!
I called my freinds in town to let them know, and I'm trying to set up a puberty party with them this weekend, lol! It really will be like entering puberty again, lucky me, huh? I feel for Stacey, it's gonna get challenging here putting up with the possible/probable mood swings. I'm going slowly with the dosages though, hopefully it won't be too bad.
As if that wasn't exciting enough, we had the PFLAG meeting the following evening. It was very nice, there were many interesting people there. Kim, the president, is a very dynamic person. Stacey and I both became members and it looks like I'll be going to Phoenix to attend classes so I can be a facilitator for the meetings. I was an instructor for many years during my time in the USN, so I'm used to talking in front of others. I look forward to helping the group out as much as I can.
And of course, there was the Halloween party! Stacey and I left Sat morning for Vegas to meet Edie (Eden), my TG freind from San Diego. We had a great room at the Stardust, this is also where the Halloween ball was held. We learned while we were there that the Stardust is closing, they are going to demolish it and build a new casino/hotel! We were among the last guests staying there, as of yesterday it is closed!
The ball was incredible! Stacey went as the Queen of Hearts, leading little Alice around on her leash! Edie was Goldilocks, she was very cute! We had lots of attention all night long! The entertainment was amazing, the costumes kept our heads turning all night trying to take it all in. The Travel Channel listed this as one of the top 10 events in the world to attend, they were not kidding! I heartily recommend anyone who is interested to attend next years event, you will not be dissapointed. You can look at their website for details, http://www.halloweenball.com/.
OK, that's all for now. What can I do with a pair of white patent leather go-go boots?............

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Reaching out

October is nearly spent already! It's really been nice since the weather cooled down. Still have not had a motorcycle ride yet though!
I finally went to see a doctor about HRT! Stacey went with me for support, and it was a huge relief. I had not been this nervous about anything in my transition since I finished coming out to my family and freinds. I know that hormones do not make one a woman, but getting HRT is still sort of a gateway to real transition; if I could not start with a doctor's help, I would have been forced to go DIY.
I didn't walk out with a prescription, of course, but I did not get turned away either! The doctor and nurses were all very nice. The doctor listened to me, and after admitting she did not know what the course of treatment is for MTF HRT, took in all the information I presented to her. She said she was not going to turn me away, and scheduled a follow on appointment, and OMG, it's already only 2 days away for that!
I also had a visit last weekend from both Galen and Michele. Galen is a TG person I have talked with on IM for several months. She came all the way from Pinetop, AZ to meet Stacey and I. She is really just beginning to explore herself after realizing she is TG, much the same place I was in my early 20's.
Michele is an owner/moderator for Transgender Outreach, a Yahoo support group I have been a member of for quite some time. She has had a tumultuous past few months, as her BF has broken things off with her after a summer together in OR. Things had looked so good for her! Still, she is forging on, and I admire her strength.
Finally, I received a call from the organizer of a new local chapter of PFLAG (Parents and Family of Lesbian And Gay). The first meeting will be this Wednesday! They are a support and advocacy group that includes the transgendered. The organizer has a TG son who attends school here. I've been trying to reach out here to others (on a non sexual basis), this is the first positive contact I have made.
Next big event, the Halloween Party! Woo-Hoo!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


BLT=1 month!
OK, just a quick one, busy,busy!
My son did make it here for Labor Day, we had a great time. I met his mother in Glamis to pick him up. We played games, watched movies, and put together/launched model rockets.
He and Stacey got along great, the dogs loved him too.
I took Zachary all the way back to San Diego, as I had to get a new military retiree ID card. After dropping Zachary off at home, I spent the remainder of the day with Eden in Encinitas. She graciously allowed me to stay over the night, since the ID place was closed for the weekend. We went to a wonderful Italian restaurant for dinner, then a visit to the beach, and breakfast the next morning. We had wonderful conversation, she is a very kind person. I and Stacey look forward to seeing her in Las Vegas.
It's finally cooling off here in the desert, we only hit 100 last Saturday! Motorcycle riding weather is back. Better up the health insurance, lol!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


OK, well I have my blog lag time down to 3 months! I think that's a scientific term, BLT=3 months, lol. Acronyms! Take the girl out of the military, but you can't take the military out of the girl!
My May 15 full-time (FT) date slipped to 17 May instead. Which means that as of today, I AM 3 MONTHS FT! Woo-Hooo!
Gosh, what a summer!
Most of my customers have been fantastic about my transition, though I did have 2-3 refuse my services after I told them. Their loss!
I have the first visit of my son since the seperation coming up, he is going to stay for the Labor Day weekend. I just was not up to anything sooner, though I miss him dearly.
Stacey and I are going to Lost Wages for a Halloween party, see http://www.halloweenball.com/ for details. The picture shows my Alice in Wonderland costume! LOL! Yes, really! Buy your tickets and join us! My new freind Eden will also attend, she is currently going as Jeannie! Stacey wants to go as the Queen of Hearts, in keeping with the Alice theme.
I still have not started HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). I have been procrastinating, I think I am afraid of rejection by the doctors here in my town, so I have not even asked or set any appointments. I can still do HRT by myself, but I would rather have a doctor helping. Some freinds have helped me find motivation though, and I am moving towards this.
Business has been just crazy, I think the early monsoon (the local term for hot-humid weather, though literally it means 'weather change') has been the cause. Everyone is staying inside and breaking their computers!
OK, gotta scoot, business calls!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Name a rose

Holy Mackeral, December since I did anything here!
Needless to say, it's been a busy few months:
1. The wife moved out in March. She has our son with her
2. I changed my mind about keeping the house, so I refinanced it and bought out the wife.
3. I've had 2 laser treatments, just got done with the fallout from the last one.
4. I had a 4 day campout over Easter with Stacey and all my local freinds, was out the entire time as myself. Hence the fish picture, the guys caught this monster one night.
5. Stacey, my freind from Las Vegas, has moved here and is my new roommate/SO.
6. I set a full-time date of May 15. Yikes, 2 days from now
7. The name contest is over! Marie Julieanne Aponte is hereby christened. Got the notarized Declaration of Name Change to prove it.
So much to talk about on each count. I will try to do more on this later.