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Monday, June 9, 2008

OK, in case you haven't caught wind of this, there is apparently a cult of transgendered chickens running about! That's right, roosters dressed as hens, and some of them have even had surgeries to remove their combs! Goodness knows where this might go, but for those who don't believe, take a look at this!

We absolutely must ensure these new sisters are welcomed to the community with open......wings?
Hmmmm, wings........

Friday, June 6, 2008

The big purple dragon

I love fantasy artwork, and sometime ago when I was putting together a MySpace page, I came across this one. It's come to be the embodiment of GID for me, a face to the monster we all fight and deal with. Email me if you like and I'll attempt to send the full jpeg.
With my having entered transition some 2 years ago, and things generally going well enough, my dragon has become a bit sleepy. An occasional snort here and there was all I've heard for a while.
After attending IFGE in April, along with the tremendous struggles, trials and successes I've been witnessing from my friends, and finally my own recent relationship issues; the slumbering dragon seems to be waking. I'm seeing how terribly relentless it is, how beautiful it can be, yet how sharp it's talons!
Where'd I put Hrunting?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Poultry Patrol

Photo courtesy of Mari!
In yet another breakthrough poultrytudinous event, a pair of hens flew the coop and showed up at the San Fransisco Gay Pride event this year!
These hens really went all out in a brave show of Poultry Pride and point to the groundswell of T-chickens that won't be silenced and simply must cluck out!
Rock-on TChicks!!