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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Ballad of Trannie Chicken

Why can't you just be
The rooster we deem?
Oh what will you do, what can you be?
None knows the hen that you are
'Cuz even with eyes, nobody see's

From a dusty little coop
In the sands of the Mohave
Came a chicken with a heart
And a comb you could see
Still this hen she called herself Marie


Her hatching a mystery, comb heavy to bear
This pullet's heart had told her
A rooster wasn't what she'd be
Then from the miracle of the internet
She heard of chicken GID!


This hen had found online
Pure chicken friends to be
Then she got the scoop
And flew the coop to Tucson
For a conference called IFGE


Lori, Tiana, Nichole and Marie
We laughed and we cried
Each for ourselves, and for the three
Forged a friendship to last
We all know now as the chickens-T


The roosters are gone
For these chickens and me
Our true selves as hens
Is all most anyone sees
I'm proud of them all, and they of me
Though flung far and wide
True T-chicken friends we'll always be.


  1. OMFG! You did it you BaCAwwk, did it! This is SOOOO getting reposted!

  2. Does this make me an honorary T-Dhicken, since you all hatched this corn fed coop at MY conference, while I was busy keeping the fox out of the hen house?

  3. That should be "t-chicken" not "T-Dhicken."

  4. lol, yeah we're trying to get rid of those Dhickens Erin!

  5. Really GREAT! You can laugh or you can cry... my opinion is this: Crying leads to more tears, but laughter... laughter gets you through them. Such amazing people... every one of you. So thankful for the blessing of having crossed your paths... As the mother of a "T-chick" - I'd like to give an honorary "SHOUT OUT" to all of you...


    Keep blazing the trail... you're making the world a better place for my child. Thankd God for each of you... and, Thank you.